Monday, March 22, 2010

Are We Ready to Listen Yet???

With every passing day, the extreme left wing in this country is getting bolder and more transparent. Even as I typed the last sentence, I realized that it is only half true. The radical left has undoubtedly been getting bolder in their drive to transform our nation, but to an equal degree, the rest of us are simply starting to pay more attention. Those intent on re-founding our nation have not hidden their intent, but many of us either didn't believe what they have said in the past, or maybe didn't want to believe. Whatever the reason, we can no longer ignore nor deny what is happening all around us.

In the days running up to his election, and then prior to his inauguration, Barack Obama openly advocated for a fundmantal transformation of our nation. Many did not know what he meant by that bold statement. During the smoke and fluster of the healthcare debate over the past year, far left groups including the Center for American Progress, the Tides Foundation, and members of the congressional Progressive Caucus have openly stated that whatever they can accomplish in their pursuit to pass healthcare legislation would only be a first step down the path to socialized medicine through a state-run, single payer system. So this is just the begining.

Barack Obama wrote in his own book about his ties to Marxism and his tendency to migrate toward socialistic thought. He even claimed that in college he sought out Marxist professors as mentors.

Maybe we haven't heard or didn't believe what they've said. That is our fault. But they're becoming even bolder in stating what they really want to accomplish. Are we ready to listen now? If there has been any curtain obscuring the true intent of those in power in our land, it is quickly falling to the ground to clearly reveal where our country is headed, citing a myriad of lies and deceptions as a mandate for the course they are pursuing.

Watch this clip to see the latest in the far left openly admitting the direction they intend to steer our country, and falsely claiming a mandate from the people to do it.

Hear the incomparable Reverand Al Sharpton:

I'm an American. Most of the people I know are Americans. And while I have to admit there are a few people I know who do believe socialism is the wave of the future, overwhelmingly, the people of America did not vote for socialism. But whether we are yet willing to accept this fact or not, we are facing a question of maintaining the heritage of our land based upon inspired principles, or changing to a socialistic system. Those advocating change know what they're trying to accomplish. Are we ready to admit that they are serious and making astounding progress in their agenda?

Please take few more mintes and watch this following video clip from Ezra Taft Benson. This is a good description of the alternative that is being thrust upon us and we will have to settle for if we don't take action. I have borrowed this clip from another blog I follow located at entitled "What I know". This is an excellent blog and I commend to everyone to check in on it. So, begging the pardon of TKZ who authors that blog, please view this video and take some time to visit "What I Know".

We need to wake up, hear what the other side is saying, take them at their word, and then decide what we're going to do about it. The Congressional Republicans, who are not much more trustworthy than their counterparts across the aisle, are vowing to repeal the healthcare bill when they regain power. Are we ready to hold them accountable for that, or will we let them go back to sleep and take their turn at abusing power? Never has it been more important to prayerfully read and commit to follow the instructions given in D&C Section 98.



Corine said...

Listening to Al Sharpton was like listening to the Devil. He told a bunch of truth, then mixed it with a lie.

It is true, that Obama made his intents known before he became president - albeit in an indirect way. As I listened to him, I knew he would usher in Socialism. I would tell people that, but most people could not see it. Perhaps some could only have seen it if he actually told them he was a socialist; some don't read between the lines.

The statement though, that Obama is doing what the people want, is a lie. Obama was voted in by a bunch of people who didn't realize Obama's agenda. Now - Obama has been cheating to get his own agenda met; as is evident in this new bill - he is not paying respect to checks and balances - HE IS PUSHING HIS OWN AGENDA, REGARDLESS OF THE FACT THAT MOST AMERICANS DON'T AGREE WITH IT!

We as Americans must make our voice heard. We must continue the fight, or our children and grandchildren will have only an ounce of freedom to live by!

Thanks again for the post!

Helena said...

It amazes me that this talk by President Benson, given all the way back in the late 70's, was a prophetic effort to move us away from a path that he surely had seen this nation being led down. It has taken some of us 20 years to take his words, and use them to try and motivate more of us to wake up and move back towards the values our great nation was founded upon, before it is forever too late! Thank you President Benson! You were a Great Prophet of God!

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